Friday, January 4, 2013

The Houston Club Building (photos prior to demolition)

Canopy with Houston Club signage at Travis Street - sidewalk view tilted up
Like the Downtown Foley's building, the Houston Club Building is also slated for demolition. Located between Rusk and Capital Street, the historic structure is part of Houston's Jesse Jones legacy. Following the bankruptcy of the former owner, the property was taken over by Wells Fargo and subsequently bought by Skanska, whose name plate appears at the entrances. The Club is moving to another location. Just last month, the long-vacant former Ben Milam Hotel bit the dust just a few blocks away.

Houston Club Building North Entrance on Capitol Street, Brown Bag Deli
The Houston Club - Canopy over sidewalk on Travis Street
Heavy road-work equipment in front of Houston Club Building / Downtown Brown Bag Deli
Cameron-Chase Park with Historic City of Houston mural on wall behind it