Thursday, July 31, 2014

Buffalo Bayou riverwalk trails and green spaces on both sides in the Downtown Houston area

Buffalo Bayou access point with metal art work overhead 
Buffalo Bayou with Kayak port - Houston Ballet buildings
in background 
A major landmark overlooking Buffalo Bayou Downtown Houston: UHD aka
University of Houston Downtown, formerly M & M Building
Looking across Buffalo Bayou from the West near
Aquarium and Franklin Street Post Office
Descent to lower bayou bank with artistic boat-theme design
Preston Ave Bayou Bridge with artistic metal structures
at The Wortham Center 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

White Oak Bayou between UHD and Harris County Jail, where it flows into Buffalo Bayou

White Oak Bayou with railroad bridge 

Old Pump House
View across White Oak Bayou 
Rail to Trail conversion - Bike trail over White Oak Bayou
View from Main Street Bridge at UH-Downtown 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fannin Street bridge over Buffalo Bayou

Fannin Street bridge over Buffalo Bayou - Town of Houston historic port site

State National Building also slated for re-development

Top portion of State National Building seen from the East
across parking lot between Fannin and Main Street (July 2014 pic)
 State National Building is visibly in need of repair 
State National Building seen from the East across Main Street
from Fannin St
Main Street  at State National Building - Barringer Bar

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Market Square Park in Downtown Houston Historic District in the Summer (photos)

 Clock Tower at Market Square
 Sidewalk water feature - Congress Ave at Market Square
looking East toward Hotel Icon and Clock Tower

Sculpture at Market Square against cloudy sky
Looking across Market Square from the South end

Restaurants in old buildings lining Travis Street at Market Squar
Colorful wall art at Treabeards Eatery

Bicyclists congregate at Market Square Park at week's end

Bike enthusiasts gather Friday evenings at Market Square Park 
2014 Bikefest coming in November - Market Square Park
Downtown Houston Historic District 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Houston "Art Wall" ... there are several notable murals in Downtown and Midtown

Houston Hip and Inspired Mural
on wall of Treebeards building at
corner of Travis Street ant Preston
Hotel Icon behind
New Michaelangelo-inspired creation 
mural on Fannin at Tuam in Midtown
La Creation mural in Midtown 
Older Midtown Eyeful Art "Love you" mural
[UPDATE: This mural no longer exists as the building was torn down
to make room for the new Midtown Superblock development] 
Buscuitpaintwall mural in Montrose (Lower Westheimer) at Mulberry St.
Note: Biscuit is the name of the home furnishings store

Nouveau Cafe mural in Midtown off Main