Friday, February 28, 2014

Magnolia Tea Room at Magnolia Brewery Building

Metal-frame doors at Magnolia Tea Room

711 Franklin Street, Houston, TX 77002
Historic landmark property markers
Magnolia Brewery Building - Corner view from across intersection

Demolition of old highrise at Texas and Fannin

609 Main project site - Old building on corner of Texas Ave and Fannin 
being demolished piece by piece starting at the top

NCM Demolition - Site on Texas St. between Main and Fannin

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harris County Courthouses: Criminal Justice Center and Civil Courthouse, restored historic Harris County Courthouse (1910)

Destination Courthouse (Aug 2014 photo)

Harris County Criminal and Civil Courthouse seen across Bayou and Main Bridge 
Juvenile Justice Center on Congress Ave and Old Courthouse
(August 2014 photo)
Harris County Civil Courthouse seen from the East
Parking Garage front center
June 2014 photo
Harris County Commissioners listed on plaque (2015)
Juvenile Justice Center in background

Sunset Coffee Building Revamp at Allen's Landing on Buffalo Bayou bank in Downtown Houston (photos)

View from Main Street Bridge tower Criminal Justice Complex
Sunset Building construction work under way (center of pic) 
Scaffolding on Sunset Coffee Building (Feb 2014 status)
View from stairs for descending from street-level at Commerce
near intersection with Fannin

Adaptive reuse of Old Building and Historic Site explained on Project Sign

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buffalo Bayou and Downtown - Panoramic View from UHD

Downtown Houston - UHD Community Garden on banks of Buffalo Bayou (front center)
View from UH-D patio overlooking the Bayou: 
Harris County Courthouses on Left, Chase Tower on Right

... and now the view from the other side of the Bayou

Early Town of Houston Mural on doomed Houston Club Building - Cameron/JPMorgan Chase Park is already history

The Mural of Early Houston Themes on Houston Club Building is still in place as of February 2014, but Plaza/Park with the artistic enhancements has already fallen victim to construction activity 
as the site is being redeveloped for a big new high-rise project.

Park location at corner of Milam and Capital
The Building's address is 811 Rusk St Houston Texas 77002

 No more: Cameron/JPMorgan Chase Park with artistic rendering
 of Old City Hall on adjoining wall

Recreational spot near Chase Tower with seating, water fountains, and art

Juxtaposition: Iconic architectural jewels from the past next to super-modern skyscraper in novel shapes

Houston Texas Past and Present - Architecturally

Monday, February 24, 2014

UHD Commerce Street Building

University of Houston Downtown - Commerce Street Building (2015 photo)
University of Houston Downtown - Commerce Street Building
(2015 photo)
UH-D - Stairs leading up to entrance at Commerce Street Building
UHD Commerce Street Bldg - Main at Franklin corner 
UHD Commerce Street Building - Corner of Commerce St and Main
UH Downtown Commerce St Building
View from Commerce Street looking East
Criminal Justice Center farther down 
University of Houston-Downtown
1002 Commerce St Houston, TX 77002