Thursday, February 28, 2013

Juxtaposition: Old and New Architecture in Houston's Central Business District

Houston-is-hip mural and Hotel Icon
Methodist Church Tower and First City and Fulbright towers
Rice Hotel and BG Group Office Building
Federal Land Bank Building with Heritage Plaza Skyscraper (right)

Niels Esperson Building (above) and Gulf Building (below) 

Top of historic Gulf Building (now Chase Bank) seen from Jones Plaza

Tips and Tops of Urban Landmarks

Heritage Plaza Office Tower on edge of Downtown facing West

AIG Tower on the banks of Buffalo Bayou (getting new signage)

Bank of America Center Downtown
in Theater District

Temple-like round top with columns on top of historic Esperson Building
Hilton Americas - Top-level amenities

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Ziggys to Brown Bag - Succession on corner of Capitol and Main Street Corridor (updated with new photo)

Ziggys and Brown Bag Deli signage on Main St. corner
Brown Bag Deli finds new Downtown home at former location of Ziggys Downtown on corner of Main Street and Capitol. 

Corner view of Downtown Brown Bag location on Main (early 2014 photo)
Brown Bag had to close its shop at the Houston Club Building, which is scheduled to be taken down by new owner Skanska, to make way for a new development on the block South of the JPMorgan Chase Tower.

Street closure for road work on Capitol at Main
As of February, the streets in the area are torn up in connection with the rail extension project
Closed Brown Bag Deli location at Houston Club Building with heavy equipment in front

Flying Saucer Houston at St. Germain Building on corner of Main Street

St, Germain - Flying Saucer - Main Street Downtown Houston

705 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

405 Main St. (photos of building)

Republic of Texas First White House historical site

Historical Marker (plaque) at site of First White House of the Republic of Texas on Main Street
405 Main Building at historic site of first White House in Texas

The Home of Easy Credit next to Kiam Building on Main Street

Stuart Building on Main Street (photo)

Historic Stuart Building and adjoining structures seen across Main

Stuart Bldg and Sterne Building (red) from with Metro train in front - Hotel Icon on right

Sterne Building (1880)

Sterne Building seen from across Main Street at Preston tram stop

Monday, February 25, 2013

Colorful night shots of Downtown Landmarks

Greek Temple structure on top of Esperson Building
City Hall in colorful illumination with red clock face and flag on top of roof
Top corner portion of Gulf Building (now Chase) bathed in yellowish light

Lamp Posts and Land Marks

Minute Maid Stadium 

Looking South on Travis St at dusk - Esperson Bldg

Hilton Hotel at the Convention Center
1600 Smith Chevron Building

Interstate 45 overpass with Wells Fargo Tower and
Heritage Plaza Skyscraper behind it
Chase Tower with lap post in front
seen from Market Square Park

Houston Ballet Building with skybridge
to The Wortham Center
One Park Place luxury residential highrise with lamp post at dusk

The Peacock House

Nonluxury living in Downtown Houston, but with historic non-loft red-brick flair: The Peacock Plaza Apartments across from Roots Square Park 

Image of Peafowl above entrance at Peacock House
The Peacock Ornament on top of the entrance at dusk
And a real peacock, for good measure, albeit resident elsewhere
Ornamental arch above entrance at next building to the South
1416 Austin Street Houston TX 77002
(corner of Austin and Bell Street)

The Peacock Building in Downtown Houston near Toyota Center / Park 

View across Austin Street from Root Memorial Park 
Austin Street at Bell - with Downtown Skyline
Corner view of both buildings - Austin Street at Bell - with Downtown Skyline
(2015 photo)

Downtown Buildings in Reflection

Mirror Image of Downtown Skyscrapers in glass wall at the Library
Mirror image of Hobby Center in glass-paneled NW facade of Houston Public Library
Reflection of City Hall Annex in window of HPL Central Library on Bagby
Mirror image of iconic Esperson Building in glass front
of modern office building across the street