Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pedestrian bridges over Bayous and Creeks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scenic Buffalo Bayou

The waters of Buffalo Bayou with unidentified flying object in the sky above the truss bridge, probably a bird or butterfy

Monday, November 19, 2012

What color is your Buffalo Bayou? - Chromatic reflections

Answer: It depends on what's in it and what's over it, which varies seasonally, not to mention in response to weather, precipitation, and how much sediment gets stirred up depending on the force of the stream in the watercourse. The most common hue I would say is comparable to the appearance of cheap olives taken from a can. It's hard to find the bayou waters blue. On rare occasions, however, the Bayou surface is actually multi-chromatic: Behold - Here is the proof: Blue, white, and green. 

And this is how it looked further up in mid-November under a canopy of trees. 

So what would that be? Olive-green? Save for the spots illuminated by setting sun?  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Houston Bikability Trail Art

Artistic red bike route marker on Eldridge Parkway in the Energy Corridor -
KBR Office Building on the left

Buffalo Bayou Jogging with skyline under blue sky

What's going on down at the Bayou? Earth-moving and construction project explained

The official project lingo is a mouthful: 

Channel Conveyance Restoration at Buffalo Bayou Park

Here is the photo of one of the explanatory signs posted at several points along the trail with further information --  in its proper setting (with the Heritage Plaza Tower and other skyscrapers looming over it). This image is in high resolution so you can read the small print. That means it may take a little longer for the image to load (or you may have to click through to the full-sized file version in the Picasa photo collection associated with this blog).

Channel Conveyance Restoration at Buffalo Bayou Park (image of sign with project information)
Sign explaining Buffalo Bayou construction work currently in progress inside the Loop

How green is the Bayou City? ... Have a look

Sam Houston Park greenery and Downtown Buildings

My take on the green city theme - Skyline across foliage along the course of Buffalo Bayou
Downtown Office Towers across Sam Houston Park

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pedestrian vs. Bicycle Riders: Getting along on Multi-user Trails

Walkers, hikers, bikers, strollers, skaters, joggers, crawlers - can all these distinct types of trail users get along?

10 MPH speed limit for bikers when passing walkers. Posted at Terry Hershey Park
North of Memorial Drive between Eldridge and Highway 6

Getting along on the trail ... observing etiquette

Instructions for different types of trail users a promote peaceful coexistence
Please Obey Path Rules - Sign posted at Terry Hershey Trail at Dairy Ashford bridge/underpass

Friday, November 16, 2012

Buffalo Bayou at I-45 (with artistic enhancement)

Artistic accoutrement on interstate freeway bridge over Buffalo Bayou in the skyline/theater district

Houston Bat Colony:

 Where the Bats are: Buffalo Bayou Bridge at Waugh Drive
in the the shadow of the AIG Tower

Waugh Bridge - Home of Bat Colony
(seen from the hike and bike trail on the North bank of the bayou looking East)

Info on Mexican free-tail Bats posted at observation platform at site of colony
Underneath Waugh Bridge - Looking across the watercourse from the South

Where the Mexican free-tail bats are: at Waugh Bridge over Buffalo Bayou (or rather inside it, in the expansion slots between the beams)

Bat observation platform overlooking Buffalo Bayou with interpretive posters offering bat facts.

Waugh Bridge exit from Memorial Drive inbound with Downtown Houston Skyline

Aerial view of Waugh Bridge and surroundings with Panoramio thumbnail pics

Waugh Bridge on a dreary winter day with The Royalton Highrise in the background