Saturday, December 29, 2012

Allen's Landing - erstwhile Houston port on Buffalo Bayou Downtown (with abandoned Sunset Coffee Building prior to renovation)

Vacant and decaying International Coffee Building in park at Allen's Landing
Bayou Overlook - Commerce Street at Fannin with Jail behind (2014 pic)

Allen's Landing with criminal courts complex and jail in background
(looking East from Main Street Bridge)

Park at Allens Landing - Popular hangout location for Houston's droves of homeless people

Harris County Jail on the banks of Buffalo Bayou

Jail Facility on Buffalo Bayou seen from Fannin Street Bridge
Harris County Jail and top of Criminal Justice Center (criminal courthouse)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Abandoned International Coffee Building at Allen's Landing

Allen's Landing: Were Houston was born....but the birthplace is not being honored.

Desolate International Coffee Building at Allen's Landing with UHD in the background

Willow Street Pump Station Downtown near confluence of White Oak and Buffalo Bayou

Erstwhile Pump Station on White Oak Bayou across from M&M Building (now UH-Downtown)

M and M Building at One Main Street- today part of the University of Houston Downtown (UHD)

Fa├žade corner detail of Merchants and Manufacturers Building (1930) designed by
GIESECKE & HARRIS, now serving as UH Downtown (UHD) university building.
East side of UH-D Building seen in the distance from McKee Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou.
Campus of the University of Houston Downtown seen from Louisiana Street

Buffalo Bayou Bridge at UHD - Main Street Corridor

Metro train making its way up Main Street Bride - UHD shining on top in late-afternoon sunlight

Houston Bike Route Signage - Warning Signs

Warning sign for cyclists: Curves ahead and steep grade

City of Houston Bike Route signage near Pierce Elevated close to St. Joseph Hospital

Pedestrian traffic control signage, no-walk and keep-out signs

Don't cross sign at light rail crossing
Pedestrians banned from the Bridge without sidewalk (sign)
No pedestrians of cyclists on Memorial Drive (sign on bridge at Bagby / Aquarium)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ice Skating at Discovery Green Park / GRB Convention Center

Skating on ice with water fountains as back-drop, and sunlit foliage of the Fall
Not cold enough? How about some ice cream, or ice-cold bottled water?

View of ice skating rink in Discovery Green Park across Kinder Lake at dusk with hotels in background

Hard Rock Cafe Houston's Theater District

Silhouette of Hard Rock Cafe's trade-mark guitar emblem
Revolving guitar on top of Hard Rock Cafe in Houston's Theater District with Pennzoil Place Office Towers
in the background
Hard Rock Cafe with Guitar on top with Bob Casey Federal Courthouse in the background
Also see night-time photo of Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Houston Theater District  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Houston Ballet (photos of building)

Houston Ball - Building at dusk seen from Franklin Street (chromatically enhanced)
Houston Ballet Building with sky walk across intersection to Wortham Center
Houston Ballet lobby at dusk, with reflection of tress from across the street
Houston Ballet Building seen from Smith Street connecting bridge to Franklin / Post Office

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lyric Center on Louisiana in Downtown Houston Theater District

Cello player sculpture on plaza at The Lyric Center Office Tower
Lyric Center towering over The Wortham (South side with large balcony)

Parking lot on the North side of the Lyric Centre

Lyric Center Office Building seen from Buffalo Bayou Walk at Memorial Drive Bridge

Wortham Center Theatre Complex and Performance Hall

The Wortham in Downtown Houston Theater District - Bayou Place on the Left