Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tranquility Park in Downtown Houston (2012)

Columns in water represent rocket boosters - Tranquility refers to landing site on the Moon
This park sits on top of a parking garage and can be thought of as a roof-garden. Thematically, it represents Houston's international fame as "space city". Its name is borrowed from the "Sea of Tranquility", site of "The Eagle's" landing, and of one man's giant step for mankind. The stainless steel columns in the fountain represent booster rockets employed in moon missions (but function as exhaust pipes for the underground garage). The park offers a variety of vantage points to take in the Downtown Houston skyline, but shows signs of ageing and need for a revamp. It hosted a contingent of protesters during the height of the Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy this-and-that movement.     

Tranquility Park with skyscrapers in background

Bench at Tranquility Park with Hobby Center in Background

Tranquil view of Tranquility Park in Downtown Houston