Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Buffalo Bayou Walk - More Public Art on Display along the trail

Rodeo Trail Riders crossing Sabine Street Bridge (Feb 28, 2015) 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

More high-end apartments on Richmond Ave: 4300 The Fairmont Museum District

Another luxury apartment complex on Richmond Ave.
coming to market. 

4300 The Fairmont Museum District
corner view
Apartments with bay windows overlooking Richmond Ave
The complex uses the Dunlavy Street Address 
4310 Dunlavy Street, Houston, TX 77006 

Photo of La Tapatia Mex Cafe and Fairmont Apartments

View of new Fairmont Luxury Apartments
from Richmond Ave. sidewalk at Woodhead

The walkability issues on Richmond Ave have not yet been
resolved even though the area will see strong influx of new residents 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The "New" Mandell Park in all its revitalized glory - urban recreational green-space with veggie garden in Montrose

MANDELL PARK (signage) Houston Parks & Recreation Department
The New Mandell Park 
Wide tree-lined gravel-covered walkway with pairs of benches
on the wall lining what may become a true alley when the trees grow bigger and taller.
Children's tile art installed on concrete wall
Adjoining Mi Pueblito patio in background
Bicycle parking
Bike rack on wide gravel walking paths 
Skip's garden shed with grass planted on roof.
The shed is named for one of the locals who played a key role
 in the community park's development.
Flock of birds aloft over the newly rebuild urban park 
Mandell Park name sign on corner of Richmond and Mandell St.

Veggies in urban garden.

Pair of park benches facing each other inviting
small group discourse and communal park enjoyment 
Adopt a Park sign - Friends of Mandell Park sponsors recognized 
Close-up of Skip's Shed with live green roof 
High-resolution photo of children's art wall below:
(click to enlarge)

Children's communal mosaic art wall with contributions by many 

History of Mandell Park - Successful model of creative conversion of
abandoned overgrown lot in urban area by neighborhood initiative