Friday, November 16, 2012

Houston Bat Colony:

 Where the Bats are: Buffalo Bayou Bridge at Waugh Drive
in the the shadow of the AIG Tower

Waugh Bridge - Home of Bat Colony
(seen from the hike and bike trail on the North bank of the bayou looking East)

Info on Mexican free-tail Bats posted at observation platform at site of colony
Underneath Waugh Bridge - Looking across the watercourse from the South

Where the Mexican free-tail bats are: at Waugh Bridge over Buffalo Bayou (or rather inside it, in the expansion slots between the beams)

Bat observation platform overlooking Buffalo Bayou with interpretive posters offering bat facts.

Waugh Bridge exit from Memorial Drive inbound with Downtown Houston Skyline

Aerial view of Waugh Bridge and surroundings with Panoramio thumbnail pics

Waugh Bridge on a dreary winter day with The Royalton Highrise in the background