Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweeney Clock (1908) in small park at the Theater District

Sweeney Clock (1908)
This old post clock with Roman numerals can be admired in a small square/green space between the North end of the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts and Bayou Place (formerly Albert Thomas Convention Hall).The metal column holding this historic clock sits on a base built with red bricks that were reclaimed when the pavement of Navigation Boulevard was torn up and the road resurfaced. The Sweeney clock had lingered in storage and was eventually saved from being disposed of as junk and installed at the current location in 1968. It got its name from the Jewelry Store on the Corner of Main and Prairie where it one stood. 

Across the street from it (which is currently having light rail tracks installed) is another historic site: the former location of a court house and jail with an old oak still flourishing that reportedly served as a "hanging tree" for execution of prisoners. There are few other traces of history remaining in this location, leaving aside the historical markers. The Western part of Bayou Place behind the sprawling tree (partially visible in the photo below) now serves as office space. 

Historical Marker at Sweeney Clock Triangle (Rusk and Capitol at Bagby)
Sweeney Post Clock at the Hobby Center (Jan 2013 pic)
Sweeney Post Clock at the Hobby Center (Jan 2013 pic)