Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Ziggys to Brown Bag - Succession on corner of Capitol and Main Street Corridor (updated with new photo)

Ziggys and Brown Bag Deli signage on Main St. corner
Brown Bag Deli finds new Downtown home at former location of Ziggys Downtown on corner of Main Street and Capitol. 

Corner view of Downtown Brown Bag location on Main (early 2014 photo)
Brown Bag had to close its shop at the Houston Club Building, which is scheduled to be taken down by new owner Skanska, to make way for a new development on the block South of the JPMorgan Chase Tower.

Street closure for road work on Capitol at Main
As of February, the streets in the area are torn up in connection with the rail extension project
Closed Brown Bag Deli location at Houston Club Building with heavy equipment in front