Thursday, February 6, 2014

For Lease in Downtown Houston - street-level rentable restaurant and retail commercial, and office space higher up

Club space for rent next to Molly's Pub on Main across from Rice Hotel
The Capital at St Germain seeking new occupant, election year or not
723 Main at Rusk, former location of Reserve Bar and Lounge
Executive Suits on offer at the Binz Building near the Harris County Courts Campus
Club space on the Line - Metro's Red Line coursing the Main Street Corridor
near Market Square

Bar space on Main near where others are sprouting again of late

Brown Bag Deli succeeded Ziggy's on this Main Street corner at street level,
office are still for rent above
El Jefe used to be here - restaurant and bar space with sidewalk patio space
has been waiting for suitable operator for years - nice corner spot