Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don Giovanni coming to Houston, ... what else is coming?

Ooops....I uploaded the wrong shot.... That one was Don Julio's. The Mexican, in Montrose. Julio went away. Here is the right pic:

You can see him starting tomorrow.  At the Wortham Center.

(But rumor has it that something is coming in Tio Julio's old venue on Lower Westheimer too. Something more in the nature of feast for palate and tummy, rather than feast for the ears to be taken in while all decked out in formal dress with tie or stringed-jewelry around your neck). 

2/25/2013 UPDATE: No longer a rumor: Don Julio's haunt is transformed into a fancy Mexican Steakhouse: 

La Casa del Caballo now open

 Just in time for the Rodeo