Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bayou Place - What's there now?

Don't rely on directory on the neon light fixture strategically planted at the corner and in the heart of the Theater District. While it may a superb job conveying the dynamism of Downtown boosters, and enhance the night-time visual appeal, it is a tad out of date.

Bars and Restaurants at Bayou Place (according to Lone Star directory listing):
Chapel Spirits
PRB Houston
Lucie's Liquors
Shark Bar
The Blue Fish
Lobby Bar 
Samba Grille is gone, but it still featured on the sign.

Updates are also needed for more recent wining and dining additions: Napoli Pizza moved in not long ago, and a new wine tasting room -- oops wine cellar -- has also opened.
As an aside, does anyone even remember that this was the Albert Thomas Convention Center, and that the former congressman's office -- a display suitable for a window-shopping-type museum visit - is still hidden in an alcove inside the complex?

The Office of former Congressman Albert Thomas museum display
 at Bayou Place in Houston's Central Biz District
An inscription at roof level on the East side of the entertainment complex (the Sundance Movie Theater entrance is on that side) still shows the original name, but not very prominently.

Bayou Place with Lone Star Logo - South facade with tip of Lyric Centre office tower behind it
The Samba Grille is now history
Bayou Place location on the Downtown Map (satellite view of NW corner of Downtown Houston / I-45 bypass)