Thursday, January 17, 2013

The sign says Fat Bao - As in ..

What comes to mind?  

I betcha people will read Boa -- rather than Bao (whatever that may mean in a foreign language) and will connote snake, perhaps even constrictor. Snake on a platter? Snake on a stick? Jungle food? What an odd way to brand a restaurant. 

Not that neighboring eateries aren't branded idiosyncratically or mis-named outright.... but with Elevation Burger, you get at least the burger part right, even if you are puzzled by the elevation component, and with Twin Peaks, you got the double ( double-entendre ) scenic views that will surely not disappoint and elevate your spirits even before your vision gets foggy or otherwise impaired. And at a bar, it's all about the spirits, isn't it? Aside from peeking at the vistas, of course.  

But perhaps the key to success in the naming game is being quirky, and to pique the interests of the inquisitive, the novelty-seekers, and the adventurous. Being too obvious may not correl the crowds -- like promoting Latin maidens and Margaritas under the Maggie Rita moniker. That short-lived Mama Ninfas nieta, located about half way between Fat Boa (excuse me, Fat Bao) and Elevation Burger, now boasts an empty parking lot with nothing remotely hot in sight - No elevation, not to mention elation.  Not very scenic. 

Go peek, and all you will find is a shuttered restaurant with a lock-out notice on the door.  

The Maggie Rita's Desert
Elevation Burger offers scenic vistas too, albeit stylized

Sign galore: Cafe Japon, Twin Peaks, and now Nosh