Friday, January 18, 2013

Brown Bag Deli's Moves

Feb 25, 2013 UPDATE: Brown Bag Deli has relocated to Main Street - the spot previously occupied by Ziggy's Downtown across from the Flying Saucer. Heavy equipment is already in place at Houston Club Building, which is scheduled to be demolished.

The impending demolition of the Houston Club Building also means the end of the brown bag lunches at the Deli there. 

Brown Bag Deli shop at doomed Houston Club Building - Capitol Street (Sep 2012 photo)

But it's not the only brown-bag lunch spot in town. A second brown bag deli joined the one on Westheimer and Shepherd not too far away: In the Upper Kirby district in the shopping center North of Richmond Ave in which Office Depot is the anchor tenant. The retail space was previously occupied by a Spicy Pickle sub and sandwich shop.

Brown Bag Deli shop in Upper Kirby

Location in NE corner of Kirby Drive and Richmond

Brown Bag store location on Westheimer East of intersection with Shepherd Drive

Brown Bag Deli signage on store location at The Houston Club Building (Panoramio pic)