Friday, January 11, 2013

Harris County Law Library - Photo and Location of Building on the Map

Law Library is in the building on the left (ground floor)

Entrance to Harris County Law Library - 1019 Congress Avenue Houston Texas 77002

1019 Congress, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002

In December 2012 the Harris County Law Library relocated from the 17th floor to street level. Accessibility has thus been improved, but the great view of the courthouse square, the courthouses, MinuteMaid Park and the East of Houston from the windows on the top floor of the building is lost (to library users at least). 

Reflection of Civil Courthouse in windows
of Law Library / County Attorney Building 

In addition to conventional paper-based and electronic database legal resources, a service center is located on library premises that provides fax, copy, and notary-public services. There is also a cafe/sandwich shop to the right of the entrance: The Congress Cafe.

Congress Plaza signage on building - Harris County Attorney's Office
is located on upper floors of the same building; while the law library
is now located at street-level 
1019 Congress, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002