Thursday, January 17, 2013

Athletic dining at former Zimm's Deck

Listen to your inner athlete and walk or jog to the newly inaugurated Brooklyn Athletic Club - Houston Chapter. You won't be pumping iron there. If we go to Academy to buy sports and camping gear, why not head to an athletics club just for dinner -- on foot. Who needs a health club when there is an athletic club with plenty of fries, pickles, and meatballs, not to mention  bocce if you really wanna get moving after you have just sat down for a meal worthy of your ancestors that got off the ship in the East, rather than sailing into Galveston bay or crossing the Rio Grande. You can have Tex-Mex, BBQ, Southern burgers any other day.

The deck -- or patio, whatever -- is still there, even if it has no association with Zimm's, not to mention being little. If you really came for the athletics, it is probably big enough for some personal gestures toward healthy life-style or calorie-burning stretching antics.

Brookly Athletic Club: All Fired Up

For culinary athletes and non-athletes prone to get nostalgic at times, here is a pic to honor the one that came (and went) before: Zimm's Little Deck.