Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eatsie Boys at the ivory tower

From food truck to historic brick and mortar: The Eatsie Boys have set up shop in the locale next to Montrose Public Library's "ivory tower", which used to be the clock tower of the Central Church of Christ. The church was converted to an institution for the propagation of the words of men rather than the word of God. The retail space across the breezeway was formerly occupied by Kraftsmen bakery. The vine-covered building, located on the West side of Montrose Blvd next to the University of St. Thomas, also hosts The Churchill Room and The Black Labrador, a bar and live entertainment venue. In addition to the picturesque courtyard patio framed by vertical greenery, the vintage property features an open-air chessboard with chess pieces of human proportions in front of The Black Labrador.  

No more: former Kraftsmen's Bakery next to Library on Montrose