Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Original Taco Cabana struggles to keep pace with changing times

Tex-Mex Dinosaur quandry: Pinko no more, well just un poquito

With all the eater-drinker-and-gauker-oriented entrepreneurial bustle  around it (grass-fed burgers to elevate the gourmet standards on the other side of the drive-thru; a new noshing bistro tucked into the servant's quarter's of the corner bank; a live non-sushi raw food lab with spectator gallery on the bend; not to mention the  mood-lifting vistas of the scenic twins across the Algerian Way), the heirs of the Original Taco Cabana must have thunk we gotta do something  original too: Out goes the dirty off-rosy pink look....well not entirely. Can't really ditch what made the original Taco Cabana -- well -- original. At least Mama Ninfas is not around to offer her opinion on what an authentic Tex-Mex joint is supposed to look like, -- or an updated pan-Latin fusion version thereof. And look what happened to her haunt up at the corner at Richmond: Maggie Rita on the eviction docket

At least the lamp post provides visual appeal
Caco Cabana water fountain on patio after the "face lift"

The Original Taco Cabana after the make-over
Taco Cabana in its Upper Kirby neighborhood - picture of patio Tex-Mex before repaint job