Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bye, bye Downtown Macy's (formerly Foley's) (updated with photos after closing)

Store Closed sign at Macy's Downtown Building (April 20, 2013 photo)

Vacated street-level retail space at Macy's Downtown after permanent store closure

Take a last look at Macy's in the window-less cube-like multi-level structure Downtown between Main and Travis: Store closing has been announced for the architecturally unique Main Street Corridor location.
North-West corner of macy's store - shows walls lacking windows except display windows at street-level

Another retail establishment closure Downtown: macy's department store at 1110 Main Street in what may now qualify as a historic building on the endangered species list in Houston's Central Business District. 

macy's signage on Downtown Houston store
Pooped-on logo: The Magic of Macy's had already been fading, at least at the Downtown store location

North side of building designed by Kenneth Franzheim that opened as "Foley's" in 1947