Monday, April 8, 2013

Wedge International Tower

Wedge International Tower is a Downtown Houston skyscraper erected in the early 1980s that stands 500+ feet tall. The brownish-colored high-rise – previously named Southwest Bank of Texas Building, is located on Louisiana Street and features a restaurant on the top floor with skyline vistas more stunning that those from the Spindletop at the Hyatt, which also offers dining high above street-level, but does not rise above the surrounding office towers. See 43rd Restaurant and Lounge. Wedge International tower has design similarities with the Bank of America Plaza skyscraper in Downtown Dallas. Like the latter, it is fitted with lighting along the edged, which it more appealing addition to the Downtown Houston skyline at night.  

Nearby skyscrapers at the Chevron Office Towers and the Exxon (formerly Humble Oil Co) Building, which has recently been sold to new owners, but remains occupied by Exxon.  

Street-level entrance of Wedge International Tower with small plaza at Bell Street