Monday, April 8, 2013

Chevron Office Towers in Downtown Houston Central Business District (skyline photos and closeups)

Chevron Skyscrapers on the Downtown Houston Skyline (long shot from the West)

Two rounded Chevron Office Buildings on Smith Street - One a Reflection
1400 Smith Chevron Building with skywalk connecting the office buildings and garage
Reflection of the Three Allen Center Office Tower in glass wall of Chevron Building
Three Allen Center and Chevron Skyscrapers at 1500 Louisiana and 1400 Smith Street

Chevron owns and occupies the 1400 Smith and 1500 Louisiana skyscrapers (both rounded), and leases space at 1200 Smith (Two Allen Center) and 1600 Smith Smith Street. It is planning to erect a new skyscraper on the empty block at 1600 Louisiana where the old YMCA building used to stand. 

1600 Smith Syscraper Entrance