Thursday, August 18, 2016

New street art on Lower Westheimer and a second colorful but non-biscuit curtain wall (Summer 2016)

Painted utility box on SE corner of Westheimer and Taft 
No, it's not a mini-Ashby highrise. Just hi-lo  
It's a crowd on the vintage and resale shops row in Montrose; and what a crowd it is.
Love lost or left in San Francisco 
Dude with palette and paintbrush 

Rainbow-themed wall, but with vertical color bands 
Pride Wall - Westheimer near Dunlavy

Muralized utility box across from El Tiempo Cantina at Taft 

Street art on the 300 Block of Westheimer at Taft - Musicians mural at Numbers Club in the distance 
Sacred Heart Studio 
The Musicians at Numbers Club, not new, but iconic 

Musical legends mural at #'s Club on Lower Wetsheimer