Thursday, August 18, 2016

Black and Red House in Montrose, with Lanterns, and variations on the theme

A converted single-family residential property on the corner of Westheimer and Stanford has joined to the impressive number of tattoo parlors in Montrose. Black and red is not all that common a color combination for a house or a biz, to be sure, but it is not entirely unprecedented either, whether the application be secular or not so secular. 

Mark's  Fine Dining in a Church RIP 
1658 Westheimer - Former church and restaurant 
Mark's.- Now demarcated from Shaw's westward and no longer serving the congregation attuned the finer and more uplifting things in life, but still a commanding presence on Recycled Rags Row

The Royal Oak Bar & Grill (Jan 2016 photo)
Red brick with black deck: The Royal Oak Bar & Grill (Jan 2016 photo)
The Black Wall with Red Accents 

The Black Faced Wall
Black at least on a dreary day (otherwise grey), not to mention low in light during business hours,
the Numbers Night Club, with a little red cheer out front, both solid and striped. 

And then there is the black & white edition of a Montrose tattoo parlor  ...

Houston Ink Society 
.... and that polychrome version of a tattoo venue across from the biskit junkie on the corner of Taft 

Sacred Heart Tattoo at 327 Westheimer across from El Tiempo Cantina on Westheimer and Biskit Junkie on the West (Taft)