Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dome of Houston Appeals Courts (former Harris County Courthouse)

Dome and tempietto of 1910 Harris County Courthouse
Courthouse Rotunda with Tempietto 
The old Harris County Courthouse, built in 1910 and renovated a few years ago, is today the seat of two state appellate courts: The First Court of Appeals and the Fourteenth Court of Appeals. 
It also has a ceremonial courtroom.  

1910 Harris County Courthouse (2016 photo)
Architectural jewel in Downtown Houston:
The Historic Harris County Courthouse 
See Texas Historical Commission web page here
Facade detail at historic Harris County Courthouse, Houston, Texas
Scales of justice and law book symbolism on facade of courthouse 

Stained-glassed  cupola seen from inside, looking up 
Houston Bar Association (HBA) Historical Marker at the Courthouse
Houston Bar Association (HBA) Historical Marker at the Courthouse 
1910 Harris County Courthouse after restoration (Aug 2016 photo)