Thursday, October 30, 2014

Office Tower rejuvenation: 800 Bell f/k/a Exxon Building formerly Humble - Skyscraper dating to the 1960's facing facelift and then some

With 44 floors, this ageing skyscraper build in 1963 used to be tall 
(the tallest in its time)
The stacked-slabs design with protruding shades on each floor 
running the full length of the building on each side
served temperature control when heat-reflecting glass 
windows were not yet available as a better alternative.

The ExxonMobil Tower and its neighbors.
ExxonMobil signage that will be no more
after the company moves to its new campus North of Houston.
Though the building was sold, Exxon leased it back. 
Other former names: ExxonMobil Building, Humble Oil Bldg.