Friday, March 18, 2016

Vintage Clocks and Clocktowers around Town

Main at Texas Clock Dials at Night

Main at Texas Post Clock 

Clock tower on the edge of Market Square Park
(SE corner of Travis and Congress Street)
Vintage Seth Thomas clockworks inside the clock tower 
History of City Hall Tower and Bell explained 
Clocktower with functional Seth Thomas clock and bell 
Tribute to the Friedmans 
Friedman Clock Tower 
Guess what this is? (Not a surrealist painting)  
City Hall Clock 
Campanile building on Montrose Blvd North of Richmond 

Clocktower on the SW Fwy in Greenway Plaza area

Historic Sweeney Clock in Houston's Theater District

Sweeney Clock at the Hobby Center in the Theater District
(Jan 2013 photo) 
Clocktower Building on Allen Parkway near Dunlavy 
Clocktower Office Building  with stand of palm trees - D'Amico and Allen Parkway