Friday, February 19, 2016

Mosbacher Monument and renamed Preston Street Bridge

Preston Street Bridge (also known as Preston Ave Bridge earlier in history) was renamed in 2016 to honor the late former US Secretary of Commerce and Texas oil man Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. Portraits in bronze bass-relief (frontal and profile) are installed on red brick pylons on the West end of the bridge, with a bit of biographic information. 

Preston Street prior to renaming in August 2015;
Franklin Street Post Office Building center back.
The plaque at the mid-point of the Bayou span was also replaced to reflect the name change. This bridge also features turquois pipe-sized rails on both sides, which were unaffected by the rechristening. 
New Name Plaque 
The only connection between the bridge and the politician appears to be commerce. As one of the earliest Buffalo Bayou crossing points, the original version of the Preston Ave bridge played a key role in local commerce by making the then small Town of Houston accessible from the West.  

Six of the "Seven Wonders" art installation at The Wortham Center
seen across Mosbacher Bridge looking East 


Historic Preston Avenue Bridge marker
(on display at The Spaghetti Warehouse)