Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Portable Trojan Bear (not Horse) - A whimsical piece of wooden Art in the urban woods at Hermann Park

Animal Art in the Park 

Portable Trojan Bear  Artist: Jim Love (1984) 
Jim Love - Portable Trojan Bear (plaque at base of artwork) 

Title: Portable Trojan Bear  Artist: Jim Love 

The portable bear was in fact "ported" a few times. First to its original placement at the intersection of Montrose and Bissonnet across from the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH), then in 1984 to Herman Park, then to a restoration shop in 2008, where the decaying wood parts were replaced with more durable kind that could better stand up to the humid Houston climate.  

The charming clunky animal with teddy-bear face returned to the Park in 2009. 
Artist Jim Love was born in Amarillo, Texas, in 1927 and died in Houston in 2005. Other creations of his are on display at various museums in Houston and elsewhere in Texas. 

Face to face with the Bear 
Off the track: The Trojan Bear on wheels
hat don't quite fit the Hermann Railroad's narrow gauge