Friday, August 7, 2015

H-Town Murality

Diversity thru the Arts: Mural on North wall of Midtown Arts Center 
Numbers Club Mural in Montrose with faces of musicians in black and white
Looking West: The faces on the Numbers Club Wall 
Animal clinic mural with images of cats and dogs on W. Alabama
Different sorts of faces on West Alabama Clinic 
Mural on west side of Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio on Lower Westheimer Rd at Taft Street
Girl on grass on Taft Street at intersection with Westheimer 
Walk signal at corner of Westheimer and Taft - El Tiempo Cantina - Mural in background
Mural-gazing while street-walking in Montrose 
High End Bear 
Elongated dog mural on East side of wall at La Grange Bar in Montrose
The long hot dog in the grass, with tattoos, heading South  
Adorned walls of Gaslight Company Tatoo Studio on Lower Westheimer / Montrose
Assorted animals, black & white bird gazing West