Friday, March 7, 2014

First bluebonnets spotted in Memorial Park: March 5, 2014 (and other early bloomers)

First Bluebonnet on Memorial Drive, spotted March 5, 2014
Not quite yet -- Bluebonnet Season, but they are on their way. Here is a pic of an early one on the embankment of Memorial Drive near the railroad trestle bridge in Memorial Park, a known bluebonnet habitat. There will be many more on the meadow between Woodway and Memorial where the rusty iron sculpture is most notable landmark, and on the corner of Memorial and Loop Drive / Jogging Trail, which is a designated wildflower area. There is even a sign in place to mark the grassland that has already turned a lush green again and will soon be dotted with blue and red specks to ring in the arrival of Spring with vibrant colors. 

There are other blooms and blossoms to enjoy already, not to mention colorful berries from last fall's crop that have been passed up by the birds, and defied the wintery weather. 

Blooming rosebud twigs over Memorial Drive