Wednesday, May 8, 2013

El Gran Malo in English: The Big Bad (UPDATED) Pepper Jack's gives up on Downtown Margarita Venue (previously Cabo's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina)

 El Big Bad Opening Soon (August 2013) Howling Already

  Closed again: Downtown Margaritas Restaurant y Cantina 
with balcony seating on the edge of the Theater District

Previously Cabo, then Pepper Jack's for less than a year. The successor restaurant got off to a shaky start and has just closed for good. 

But rumor has it that a "big bad" tequila-serving outfit from elsewhere in town (El Gran Malo) will soon open up shop  here, and take on the Downtown challenge. The historic building on Travis Street features a large second-floor balcony for dining and margarita sipping al fresco on the South and West sides. This being Houston, it won't be "fresco" in the Summer, of course. Frozen margaritas will have to do the cooling, assuming the new operator keeps up the tradition.

Mexican Restaurant Pepper Jack's (previously Cabo's) seen across Travis Street looking East
"Closed" notice on Pepper Jack's Door (May 22, 2013 photo)