Friday, March 24, 2017

Vintage Signage

Warren's Laundry & Cleaners (old-time signage)
Warren's Laundry & Cleaners on Richmond Ave in Montrose  
Mama's Cafe - Old-style sign on Westheimer
Mama's Cafe - Old-style sign on Westheimer 
2019 Washington Ave - Lee Wright Automobiles (old sign)
Vintage Automobile Dealer Sign on Washington Ave 

River Oaks Theatre on W. Gray 
SPECS on W. Holcombe 

SEARS roof-top sign in Midtown
SEARS Midtown Store - Wheeler Street at Main and Fannin
Midtown Sears seen from Wheeler Station 

Trader Joe's in erstwhile movie theater on S. Shepherd 

Trader Joe's Marquee

Sears Store on N. Shepherd Drive


Central Square in Midtown: Redeveloped office building with vintage signage

Grace Church 3754 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018
Art Deco Grace Church Garden Oaks
with marquee and pylon sign - N. Shepherd Drive
3754 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

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